World Beauty Demographics

Referring to purely facial beauty.

Perhaps looking for trouble, but here we go.

The women of Romance, on average, appear better looking than their Germanic or Scandinavian counterparts and the ‘native’ women of the British Isles.

Women of South America with immigrant ancestry would likely top those more local. And we might agree that mixed colour children would, on average, look better than the peoples of either parent.

A bit hard to speak of the women of nations like Canada, USA, and Australia, because of the plurality of their immigrants, being essentially immigrant nations. But between the three, the relative homogeneity of Australia as compared to the others should give them third place here.

For the whites of the Far east, let’s place the Koreans before the Chinese, and the Chinese before the japanese.

Between the Ukrainians and the Russians, I’d give it to the Ukrainians. And perhaps put the Armenians above them.

Where do we place the Arabs of the Middle East? Let’s make the Persians first. No! Go to Lebanon? Totally undecided here; no one stands out among them. They seem to be just one. Compared to other groups, as above, where do we place them? Thinking …. The American potpourri tops them?

Consider Pakistani versus Indian beauties; this is nuclear, but I think the Pakistanis have it—mostly.

And, African women are the best looking of all. (Well, maybe not.) More correctly though, it is very likely that, the most beautiful women in the world are Nigerian or have Nigerian ancestry. Why? Seeing is believing: visit Nigeria and see for yourself. Or find them in other countries and compare objectively if you can.

Vanity, I know. … And, really, we have no choice but to be comfortable in our own skin—and skin colour.

A lot of the slaves that went to the Caribbean and the northern parts of South America came from West Africa, Nigeria in particular. Many, from ports in Lagos and Cross river, (Badagry and Bonny).

Click Saros to read about returned slaves. This partly explains why a number of Nigerians, particularly from the southern coastal areas, bear western last names.

Incomplete thoughts …. Highly fluid.

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It is very likely that, statistically, the most beautiful women in the world would be Nigerian or of Nigerian ancestry. Why? Seeing is believing in this case; visit Nigeria and see for yourself. Or find them in other countries and compare objectively if you can.

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