Did he need passion?

He is extremely good at his terribly boring job that pays more than the previous more interesting dry one. 

He had developed himself to command more pay over time; over delivering on every responsibility—even the dull, dry, and dreary. 

He [simply] loved the money and the potential to make more. 

Everything passion was left for leisure. 

He had no leisure but to play husband, father, and Christian.

Love Flows

I am of love in love

From love to love

For love through love

I am of love in love

I am from love for love

To love through love

In love of love

I am from love for love

I am through love to love

Of love for love

In love from love

I am through love to love


Sometimes what people call depression is some cross between ‘an elephant never forgets’ or pike syndrome, and some laziness mangled with a nonchalance and extreme reverence and a fear. That is a gunpowder mix that could cause an implosion into nothingness—a voiding.   

Two Covid-19 Questions

You may have heard that people could be infected while presenting no symptoms: the asymptomatics. But, what if it were the case that some, if not all, got a false positive from the test? That, in truth, they were negative, but tested positive in fact. A simple way to then explain the incongruence of the resulting non-presentation of symptoms, would be to tag the fortunate subjects asymptomatic—carriers. Double check? Take appropriate safety measures, should(n’t) they be again tested; perhaps at a different location and using a different make and brand of equipment and/or method. What are the relative costs and risks? Someone suggested that a significant proportion of the infections recorded for political office holders were of this kind. A ruse? Not improbable, at worst.

Reflecting on why a new variant of the infamous entity that caused the dis-ease, which marred social dancing in 2020, emerged towards the end of the year. It seems plausible—at least not entirely implausible—that, since, apparently, its emergence coincided with some period of vaccine trials …, that it was the product of virus/vaccine research gone awry, or the response of infected persons that had been ‘trially’ vaccinated, …. Because, apparently, the virus had lived without evolving a kin or dialect for most of 2020, until …. And, apparently, the new variant is localised. God knows how this dialectal continuum emerged.